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Transform Your Mind - How To Discover Your Spiritual Lessons

Hi I am Jonny John.

Over the past few years I have been teaching students the Transform Your Mind Series as to  how to transform the mind to create greater happiness through a more scientific perspective, and you may be one that have attended many of my courses here in udemy.

This is the latest addition in that series, and but this time Self-Transformation  is taught with a spiritual narrative.

Journey Of Self-Discovery
This course will take you on a journey of Self-Discovery from a spiritual perspective. To understand the concepts of the Soul Journey is to find the clues as to why we are on this journey of exploring this reality called life through exploring why things like our minds and world are "designed" in a certain way. 

Truth is yours to develop
Of course I will only be sharing with you with what I believe to be true, rather than telling you what is true. My goal is to give you different perspectives so that you can develop your own truth from experience, for the existential question to who we are and why we are here can never be proven without a doubt as it cannot be scientifically measured, but rather they can be explored and experienced within. So concepts such as the purpose of life as divinely intended, reincarnation, and so forth will be introduced.

This course is great for those who are interested in self-exploration, this course will help you to understand who you are and why the importance of creating greater happiness in life is so important. And also you will learn about how to discover your spiritual lessons - lessons that you can go through in life to create greater happiness within.

Discovering Spiritual Lessons
Just a note, this course is to teach you how to discover your spiritual lessons. If this course gets you interested in learning how to take them, you can visit my website or take one of my free courses here.

This is one of the Transform your Mind Series, you can take others if you are interested!
Each course takes you ever deeper into the journey of Self-Transformation and this will help to clear some confusions you may face.

1. Transform your mind - Transform your life
2. Transform your mind - Negative Ideas
3. Transform your mind - Life Practices
4. Transform your mind - Soul Journey - Spiritual Lessons
4. Transform your mind - Creator Catalysts (Check bio should be released by Nov 2020)

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