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TheBEST Soft Skills Certification 1 @Work or @Relationships

Most soft skills (people skills) training is focused on mid- to upper-level management and misses the majority of people who need it the most: Everyone who interacts with people.

It is highly ineffective to "push" for learning skills without addressing your difficulties.  In order to improve or add a new skill, you must first understand what creates your blind spots & difficulties, so let's take a look at that with compassion and then let's dismantle your self-sabotaging thought-patterns.

Soft skills are natural abilities that help us interact well with others, whether at work or in a relationship. These skills can include, adaptability, communication, memory, attention, problem-solving, language skills, creativity, personal habits, ethics, cognitive or emotional intelligence, time management, teamwork, leadership traits to name a few.

The soft skills cannot be acquired by reading a textbook, but by "doing," by practicing, and I am offering exactly that. Whether you need these skills to improve your career or improve a personal relationship, this course is for You!  All you need is willingness and a few secrets I offer:  *new* groundbreaking techniques proven to work quick, are practical and have a long lasting effect.

Soft skills are REQUIRED to help you control your emotions, prevent conflict, reduce stress, communicate effectively, influence, manage or cohabitate with others.

Research published by Harvard and Stanford Business Schools suggests that health problems associated with job-related anxiety account for more deaths each year in the US than Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes.  A survey presented by SMB World found that nearly 72% of CEOs believe that soft skills are more important to the success of their business than hard skills.

Benefits for the mind

  • Helps improve attention and focus

  • Helps better manage stress

  • Helps build resilience

  • Helps us make better connections, build community

  • Helps lower anxiety and depression

Benefits for the body

  • Helps with pain management

  • Helps create new neural networks

  • Helps regulate the autonomic nervous system - responsible for fight/flight instinct

  • Helps  with energy levels

  • Helps the immune system

  • Slow the aging process

What Carmen's students are saying:

“The most amazing effect from doing this work, totally, incredibly life changing! I find myself not “reacting” to other people’s “stuff” much anymore! I feel wonderful in my body and mind. My relationships have gotten better and easier. My business relationships have improved. And, especially interesting, is that I’m happy without effort!!! Thank you so much, Carmen, for your patience and dedication! This has been one of the most precious experiences in my life. What a gift. Please don’t stop your work! I can’t wait for another session.” AW

"The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I'm tired and have a lot of work to do. I noticed that I am more playful. I play with children and we are happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." EC

"I have studied with many renowned leaders but none offered such practical techniques that work so quick. After practicing only 3-4 times I've already seen clear results. I am astounded!" MLF

“Very interesting: It brought much awareness to the thoughts I was thinking and where I was putting my attention.” ES

“I am so glad I was able to join. I felt free from negative thoughts & worries, I felt emotionally balanced, peaceful, detached from all problems. Thank you very much for everything I’ve received and experienced!” EE

“I have to say I tend to allow stress to build in my life. After doing the practices, I feel so relaxed and free. I look forward to gaining more insight each time.” RW

"Carmen has a great talent with the Thought-Feeling Practices. My experience is always very astonishing. Last practice I have given myself fully into the process and was rewarded with a long anticipated ease of mind!"  AS

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