Free Udemy Coupon The Magic of Colour Mixing in Acrylic

The Magic of Colour Mixing in Acrylic

Have you ever struggled to get the colour you really want?

Do you lose vibrancy in your mixes and sometimes end up with mud?

I can help!

As a professional artist I am still fascinated with colour and colour relationships, and I love to help others with understanding it so they can get the most out of their painting.

Colour is so important - it conveys mood and evokes memories. Ever looked at a painting where you can almost smell it and hear the sounds as if you were standing there yourself? Colour plays a huge part in connecting with others.

In this course I will demystify colour theory and take you through it stage by stage with video tutorials and demonstration paintings, accompanied by downloadable PDF information sheets for you to collect and keep as your own reference material.

My aim in this course is to help you understand colour theory better and inspire you to experiment with how you use colour.

I am confident this course will inspire you and increase your skills so you can create the paintings you want.

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