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The Complete Financial Modeling Course 2020.

As a Financier or an individual in the business milieu, Financial Modelling is that skills that will take your career to the next level and enhance your financial analysis skills.   

A financial model should be build by logically intergrating financial concepts into a given business process, with the aim of telling a story of how that business functions in the real world.

A quality financial model is a concise combination of the 3 pillars of financial modelling. Without striking the equilibrium point of these 3 pillars, it will become very difficult to obtain a financial model of good quality. These 3 pillars will include:

  1. Having a perfect understanding of Financial Concepts,

  2. Having an in-depth mastery of the business process,

  3. And Building a logical flow of the financial concepts in step 1 above, into the business processes in step 2 above to give a well-developed conceptual or mathematical financial model, driven by well refined assumptions.

    In this Financial Modelling Course, we are going to teach you the all abouts of financial modelling, detailing out the 3 pillars of financial modeling in a comprehensive manner, using world class examples to show you how you should approach and build whatever financial model.

    There exist a wide variety of financial models, ranging from the 3 statement financial model, the company valuation model, LBO models, M & A models, to cost Optimization models. However, there is that model which is considered to be the foundation of all models which is the 3 statement financial model. In this course, we are going to teach you how to build a 4 scenario 3 statement financial model from scratch so that you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to build a top-notch financial model by yourself and for your job.

    You will learn how to incorporate risks presented by COVID-19 in your financial model.

    We shall also teach you haw to build a loan Facility agreement model from which You will be thought on how to link this loan agreement model into the 3 statement model to check the flexibility of the 3 statement dynamic model.

    We at your everyday finance always strive to offer the best return on investment from our courses. After detail considerations, we can nod with pride that this course forms one of those courses that will help take your career to the next level, increase your pay check to between 3 and 6X, change your whole perspective about model development and building and will also provide you with that self-satisfactory worth and confidence you need.

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