Free Udemy Coupon The complete Airtable Custom Blocks development course

The complete Airtable Custom Blocks development course

Airtable has opened its blocks development to developers - Its called "Custom Blocks".

Airtable is a billion dollar company that has opened its platform to developers.

Be one of the first to learn and build enterprise apps.

What will you learn?


1. You will learn how to work with all the Airtable models - such as Bases, Tables, Records, etc.

2. You will learn to use React hooks provided by Airtable.

3. You will learn to use the UI components that make your block look like its a part of Airtable.

4. You will learn the basics to self-learn and implement any missing features.

Airtable Custom Blocks is very new in the market.

So NOW is the opportunity to become an Airtable Custom Blocks developer.

This course will be constantly updated with new features as and when they are released.

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