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The Bottom-Line in Horsemanship

We are literally going to draw a line in the sand that separates real riders from the rest.  Which side of the line are you on? 

After this class, YOU'LL be the one drawing the lines...and your lines will be CERTAIN !

Horses LOVE this.  Horses LOVE to know what we expect and they LOVE to do what we want from them.  The more deliberate, certain, and specific we can be with our horses, the more CONFIDENT they are.  This is the secret to gymnastic good training and riding and making happy sound horses. 

As usual in all of the course-work, we rely ONLY on the proven masters instructions; we never rely on popular opinions and theories.  This is world-class training for EVERYONE and ANYONE and ANY HORSE ANYWHERE.

Good riding is good riding.

The ideas we are training are mandatory and they are so simple and they work.  The difference they make when we ride with them is permanent and wonderful!

Remember:  As riders we teach ideas and a language to the horses.  This is the bottom-line!

Let's go!

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