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Strategic Program Management

Strategic program management means centralized way to coordinate program’s strategic goals and objectives in better way. Program management has close contact to enterprise portfolio and strategic management.

In order to continuously improve and make strategic objectives achievable it’s important to setup enterprise program management office which coordinates different project management offices.

You will learn in this course

  1. Strategic Management

    Setting up enterprise level goals and objectives

  2. Portfolio Management

    Analyzing options and making strategic choices

  3. Program Management

    Implementing strategy and measuring success

  4. Project Management

    Allocating tasks to smaller units.

Define all levels of project management and make them easy to manage! You will need to know the connections and links between all levels to report and structure better. You can create decision making clear and responsibilities open. This is strategic program management!

During course you will learn project management methodologies. The selected methodology need to suit for the organization as well. You can gather information and make the decision. You will learn how to build your own strategic program management model. This will combine everything into all levels to be clear and successful.

You will get to know tools which are needed in successful strategies and programs. Setting up reporting structures and recognizing right ways to organize work. Make analysis according to strategic level decisions.

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