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PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certified Practice Exam

Sample Questions

Q) When creating a project WBS, that process might happen next?

a) Evaluation of the resources

b) identify activities

c) Estimation of duration

d) The sequence of operations POS ~~ = Trunc

e) None

Q) Which of the following planning techniques define the following types of activities and the activities of the predecessors to help project work sequencing project?

a) Preference method scheme

b) Schedule network templates

c) It depends on the definition of

d) Activity at node

e) None

Q) You are the project manager for NHGQ projects for your business. You must create and distribute reports every week for your key project stakeholders. What connection do you normally use to disseminate reports?

a) printing technology

b) Many-to-many

c) One to one

d) pull technology

e) None

Q) Your project has a project plan, and things are going well. Your team reached its first milestone, and is currently in the second phase of the project. Project Stakeholders asks you to find a way to reduce the duration of the project. They will reward you and your project team with a 25 per cent premium to the cost of the project in case you can complete the project within thirty days earlier than already planned. Stakeholders, however, will not approve any additional labor costs under the agreement. Whichever method you can use to reduce the duration of the project?

a) Perform resource leveling project.

b) Dividing the project plan.

c) Fast track project.

d) Take things from the scope of the project.

e) None

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