Free Udemy Coupon Microsoft Excel - Mastering Data in Excel For Beginners

Microsoft Excel - Mastering Data in Excel For Beginners

Welcome to my Mastering Data in Excel course.

You will learn the fundamentals of working with data, which really is the whole point of Excel.

I used the Windows version of Excel current in 2020 to make this course, but other versions should not be that different.

I will be creating a spreadsheet during the course that you can download. The idea is that you work along with me, then you can compare our spreadsheets. This is the very best way to learn.

I love Excel, and I hope to share my passion and enthusiasm for this amazing software onto you, as well as passing on all my skill and knowledge. Pretty soon you will be using Excel like a master, and you will save yourself so much time, as well as look like a genius!

In this course I cover:

  • Creating a table of data

  • How to filter

  • How to automatically format a table with filters

  • How to find duplicates

  • How to split cells into columns

  • How to merge columns together

  • How to search and replace text in Excel

  • How to calculate a percentage increase.

I hope that you love this course and get a lot out of it.

Happy Excelling!


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