Free Udemy Coupon Manage and Control Quality (PMI - PMP)

Manage and Control Quality (PMI - PMP)

The Manage and Control Quality (PMI - PMP) is course 15 of 28 of the Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP).

A critical aspect of managing any project is managing the quality of processes and deliverables. Ultimately, a project will fail if it doesn't meet quality requirements.

In this course, you'll learn how the manage quality process and the control quality process work together to help ensure that a project achieves the best possible levels of quality. Both in how work as carried out and in the end result.

1. Inputs to Manage Quality
2. Quality Audits
3. Process Analysis and Root Cause Analysis
4. Outputs of Manage Quality
5. Inputs to Control Quality
6. Techniques to Control Quality
7. Representing Data for Quality Control
8. Outputs of Control Quality
9. Determining When a Process Is Out of Control
10. Quality Management Characteristics
11. Quality Control Characteristics
12. The Quality Management/Quality Control Relationship
13. Exercise: Quality Management and Quality Control

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