Free Udemy Coupon Machine Learning applied to Astroinformatics

Machine Learning applied to Astroinformatics

In this course, you are going to learn how to develop a machine learning project to solve real-world problems that you can find in the Astroinformatics area.

You will learn the more practical and useful algorithms that can help you to do predictions and work with big data.

If you are not familiar with machine learning and Astroinformatics, don't worry, because in this course, you will learn the necessary to understand these areas, so easily you will apply these techniques to real-world projects.

And as we know, the best way to learn is making, so we will develop a project using python, in which we are going to analyze simulated data of a real-world telescope and we are going to develop different machine learning models in order to classify different astronomical objects into different astronomical classes.

So, get started in machine learning with this amazing course and start to learn a little bit about how machine learning can improve the astroinformatics world.

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