Free Udemy Coupon IBM AIX System Administration | Best Alternative to Linux

IBM AIX System Administration | Best Alternative to Linux

In this course, you'll learn : 

  • IBM AIX System Administration

  • AIX offers 99.9% uptime and as compared to LINUX, AIX has proven to be  a far superior OS.

  • Learns basics commands that are common in LINUX, AIX and all UNIX platforms

  • AIX Logical Volume Management (LVM)

  • Create an IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

  • Deploy AIX Version 7.2 in the IBM Cloud

  • Access the AIX Server remotely using Terminal or Putty

  • Learn how to Customize Putty

  • Learn a Ton of AIX Commands (lspv, lsvg, rmdev, etc)

  • Map and Remove Storage Volumes

  • Create Volume Groups, Logical Volumes, File Systems.

  • User Administration

  • Ownership and Permissions

  • Lean how to use the System Management Interface Tool ( SMIT ) in AIX

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