Free Udemy Coupon How To Make Natural, Clean Beauty Products

How To Make Natural, Clean Beauty Products

This course will teach you step by step how to create your own beauty products for your skincare, hair care and makeup.  Avoid harmful chemicals found in commercial beauty products.  Learn how to preserve your delicate skin microbiome and how to pick ingredients to promote healing.  Recipes, instructions and insights for creating products catered to your specific beauty needs, this course cannot be missed!


About The Instructor:

Charlene Rossiter

I am a Herbalist and an Energy Healing Practitioner.  I have been studying nutrition and health for over 15 years and help my clients overcome health and wellness issues through nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress management and energy healing practices.  I believe the body has an incredible ability to overcome health problems when our lives are simplified through natural healing practices and nutrition

I would like to share with you some of the successful techniques I have used to help clients overcome multiple health and wellness issues and live more fulfilling lives.

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