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Google Analytics Reporting with Google Data Studio

How do you make sense of the enormous data in Google Analytics. If this is your question, then this course is for you

Google Data Studio is a powerful visualization tool that allows you to create and share interactive reports and Dashboards. And it’s available for free

In this course we will learn how to create your own Google Data studio Reports and Dashboards that will help you to easily understand Google Analytics Data

In this course we will be learning about various visualization in Google Data Studio using Google analytics as a Data Source. We will be learning

  1. Connecting Google Analytics Data with Google Data Studio

  2. Google Data Studio Interface Overview

  3. Scorecard Visualization

  4. Adding Date Range Control Filter

  5. Area Graph

  6. Column and Bar Graphs, Drill Down and Interaction Filter Feature

  7. Time Series Graph

  8. Cumulative Time Series Graph

  9. Geo Graph

  10. Pie Chart Visualization

  11. Pivot Table Visualization

  12. Table Visualization

  13. Use of Filters in Google Data Studio

  14. Creating and Sharing Interactive Dashboards

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