Free Udemy Coupon Fire Safety Master Course: The Untold Secrets Of Fire Safety

Fire Safety Master Course: The Untold Secrets Of Fire Safety

Every year we hear about so many fire incidents which result in property damage, environment damage, injuries and fatalities. These fire accidents are mostly due to human negligence, ignorance and  unawareness about fire safety. The Objective of this course is to support fire safety awareness.

If you are related to any engineering profession (like petroleum, mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial or any any other engineering line), oil and gas professional, working as chef or serving your responsibility in fire prevention in any department or organization or working as fire safety coach and trainer and who has been struggling to figure out how to quest his /her thirst for fire safety and prevention knowledge, then this course is for you. or if you want to turn your fire safety passion into a full time job then continue reading. Below, I'll share with you the easiest solution to overcome all of these challenges by providing real high tech contents for fire safety.

Are you tired of internet surfing for fire safety without any result oriented success?

Are you going through any interview related to fire safety?

Do you dream of full time HSE job and need to bring your fire safety knowledge to  next level?

Are you looking to get fire safety related job but don’t know where to start?

Have you Join fire prevention or fire fighting department , but want to learn more practical knowledge?

Are you student and looking for fire safety stuff to make wonderful presentation?

Whatever your background may be, if you’ve ever thought about turning your knowledge, your unique dream and your passion into Health safety environment (HSE) or pure fire safety job then you’ve come to the right place!.

To do all of that — and get fire safety knowledge — you need a lot more than empty promises and hot air.

You need a plan.

You need a step-by-step guide that will walk you through every aspect of fire safety that’s irresistible, valuable and — most importantly — good presenter and interview winner.

That’s exactly what this course is.

The Internet is full of “experts” — but most of them are wrong.

It seems like every day there's a new training, free guide, or blog post promising that you can learn fire safety if you just buy this product. There’s no shortage of training courses teaching the tactical tools and techniques to create and sell an online course.

While that’s extremely valuable and a necessary part of any fire safety, just knowing the mechanics of doing something doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful at it.

This missing component is the reason so many individual fail for wining fire safety interview.

This course is different — over 3700 students is the proof.

More than 3700 enroll in this course. This is highly enrolled course on udemy for fire safety.

All you need to be fire safety master

This comprehensive training program provides absolutely everything you'll need to successful.

This course comprehensively deal with fire safety to reshape and refine concepts about:


Objective of course

Why we need this training

Importance of fire safety

Fire Case study

Fire Theory

fire theory and chemistry, fire fuels and various ignition source

Fire  Classification

Different systems for fire classifications

Secrets behind fire classification,

Varous fires Vs Fuels

Fire Detection

What is smoke detector

Smoke Detectors and their working principle

Fire extinguishers

Various Fire extinguishers and their main features

Fire extinguisher selection criteria

Use of fire blanket and Wheel unit fire extingisher

Time spectrum of fire extinguisher

Inspection and Maintenance of fire extinguisher

Procedure to hydro test fire extinguisher cylinder

Characteristics of flammable material

Flammability chart

LEL-UEL and Flammable region

Concept of LEL measurement

Devices used to measure LEL

Flash point- fire point and auto-ignition temperature

Flammable and combustible liquids

Various classification of liquids based on their flash point as per different standard organizations

Best Practices about fire safety

   -  Fire procedure-fire alarm

   - Fire prevention

   - Fire fighting Criteria

   - Basics fire fighting rules

   - Tips to prevent fire

   - Risk assessment

   - Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

Who this course is for:

- Anyone who wants to start his fire safety career.

- Anyone who believes they have a passion for fire safety and have urge to learn more deeply.

- Anyone who’s never take fire safety training, but really wants to learn real stuff!

- Anyone who’s go through fire safety that hasn’t succeeded as expected.

- Anyone looking to position themselves as an authority in their safety field.

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