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Finding your Ikigai

How do you make the most important decisions of your life? Should you do what you love to? Or should you do what you are good at? Or is there another way?

If you pick up the best paying job, will you find satisfaction and meaning? If you focus on finding meaning instead, will you earn enough to pay your bills?

This course is designed to help you find your way through life and through your career.

Nitin is a senior Strategy and Marketing Professional. A decade back he put a pause to his work life to start his life's work. And he's never looked back! Following an ancient Japanese philosophy, he was able to find his Ikigai and build a more fulfilling life and career. He has since helped many others discover theirs and transform their lives.

In this class we will:

  • Learn what Ikigai means and what it is made up of

  • Understand why each aspect is important, and how things work in tandem

  • Get a step by step guide to help you find your Ikigai

  • Hear how Nitin went about figuring out the life and career he wanted and how you can too

This will help you craft a path of harmony and balance. Whether you are wondering what subjects you should study, or what career to choose. Whether you're looking for your first job or looking to change careers. Whether you're young at age or young at heart. This class will help you build the life and career that you deserve.

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