Free Udemy Coupon Excel Functions-Excel Formulas from basic to advanced.

Excel Functions-Excel Formulas from basic to advanced.

In this course, we will learn the most important and useful excel functions in an easy, efficient, and practical way.

here is a general overview of the course:

1-We will start with an introduction about functions in excel. I will share with you the essential knowledge that you will need before we start to tackle the formulas.

2- Later You will understand the logic behind the most important and commonly used excel functions among professionals (text, date, lookup, Math, and logical functions).

3- Most importantly, you will learn how to master excel functions by nesting and integrating them. Also, You will be able to tailor and adjust their functionalities to serve your purpose.

4- Finally, at the end of each section, you will have hands-on practice that summarizes everything you’ve learned.

In addition to all that, I provide in this course some bonus lectures on the coolest functions in office 365.

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