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eCommerce Marketing Certification

eCommerce has become mainstream in our daily lives as it offers a lot of benefits. Retailing is undergoing a great shift with the rising dominance of e-commerce in India. The eCommerce field is expected to break the net accounting for triple-digit growth in all locations around the globe in a few years from now. It is also predicted that Retail eCommerce sales may reach $10 trillion by 2022. In the coming years, it is also expected that growth of eCommerce will skyrocket like never before with all the current technologies that are on the rise. Businesses will increasingly look to put their eCommerce operations on autopilot too in 2020-2021. In this process, affiliate marketers are tremendously playing a crucial role to rapidly scale a company and sales through manual efforts or with leveraging automation tools to achieve the feat.

The big question is "Are you looking to step up your game in eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing, this year?".

If yes, look no further than this course as it teaches you some of the most powerful and useful eCommerce or affiliate marketing tools that you can use to propel your marketing to greater heights of success. Being an affiliate marketer, you can become an independent promoter of any chosen product, service or even a range of products. It's a lucrative industry, after all.

How is this course different from the rest?

This mind-blowing course titled "eCommerce Marketing Certification" taught by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan", Mastermind "Saranya Srinidhi" and "Sowmya" will showcase some of the most interesting or engaging tools in eCommerce Marketing.

We will look at tools or portals that can help you curate videos, write articles and link to them relevant products from popular retailers for whom you are an affiliate for. What's more? We will also look at tools that can transform your Instagram into an online store and a walkthrough of a futuristic 3D shopping mall, for the first time.

There is no time to waste. The course will be educative, informative, and practical at the same time.

Enrol now and let's start learning this incredible course and change your career in eCommerce and affiliate marketing forever. There are interesting, engaging, and new things to experience here, inside.

Lights. Camera. Action. Let's begin.

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