Free Udemy Coupon Developing Stakeholder Relationships for Team Leaders

Developing Stakeholder Relationships for Team Leaders

This class teaches students how to identify key stakeholders, develop stakeholder relationships, create a plan for leading a team of multiple stakeholders to complete a project, and facilitating team discussions.

The class is designed for professionals and emerging leaders who want to strengthen their team leadership skills by learning how to run a project that spans multiple teams and departments.

No specific prior knowledge is required. However, the class is built on the assumption that students have an actual upcoming or current project to which they can apply the course lessons.

The skills learned in the class can be used to improve stakeholder participation on a small existing team all the way up to managing large, on-going projects.

Note: This class does not teach general stakeholder "engagement" tactics, which is often aligned with marketing and ultimately doing more business with clients. While that topic is clearly an important one, this class does not take that approach. In contrast, the class is essentially about developing critical relationships and leading a team of stakeholders on a project.

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