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Design Thinking Principles Made Easy for Beginners

Before building or designing great products & solutions, one must start by researching and understanding user needs. This means gaining a deep understanding of their situation, behaviours, attitudes, problems and goals.

One has to keep ensuring that the product or service meets user needs and responds to what users say. This means ongoing testing and research with users and constantly adapting decisions based on user insights.

Many think that building a great technology product is everything. They do not give enough importance to the design perspective. Ultimately, many great tech products do not succeed because they do not bring any significant change or impact to the user's life.

One of the reasons user research is so important when developing technology products, is that the solution must meet the user’s ‘current’ needs as well as their ‘social’ needs. These two needs can sometimes clash. That means really thoughtful research-led design is even more important, to ensure that the tech solution will be both used, and beneficial.

Hence design thinking principles need to be adopted to ensure that the technology product or application creates an impact - the only way for the digital solution to succeed.

Learn what design principles you should be aware of while building great technology products and solutions.

Course Curriculum:

  • Digital Transformation Stack

  • Digital Design Thinking Principles

Who Should Take This Course: Anyone who want to understand the new age digital design thinking principles & why they are important in building digital technology products.

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