Free Udemy Coupon Datascience:COVID-19 Pneumonia Classification(Deep learning)

Datascience:COVID-19 Pneumonia Classification(Deep learning)

Would you like to learn how to Predict if someone has a Coronavirus infection through the X-ray of their lungs?

Would you like to build a Convolutional Neural Network model using Deep learning to detect Covid-19?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES", then this course is for you.

Enroll Now in this course and learn how to detect Coronavirus in a patient through the X-Ray reports of their lungs.

But Is it really possible?

As we know, Coronavirus affects the lungs of the victims and causes Pneumonia especially termed as COVID Pneumonia. Through Deep learning technologies and Convolutional Neural Networks, we can analyze the X-Ray reports of lungs to the Pixel level. Without any PCR or RDT test, Coronavirus can be detected if the virus has infected the lungs of the patients through Convolutional Neural Network with approximate 98 percent accuracy.

This is a hands-on project. No unnecessary lectures. As our students like  to say :

"Short, sweet, to the point course"

The same techniques can be used in :

Skin cancer detection

Normal pneumonia detection

Brain defect analysis

Retinal Image Analysis

And any other diseases that use image-based reporting, like X-ray reports.

Enroll now and put this project on your resume or university application. At a time when the entire world is troubled by Coronavirus, This project can take your career to another level.

So bring your laptop and start building, training and testing the model right now.

You will learn:

  • How to detect Coronavirus infection using the Xray Report of the lungs of Patients

  • Classify COVID 19 based on x-ray images using deep learning

  • Learn to Build and train a Convolutional neural network

  • Make a prediction on new data using CNN Model

We will be completing the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Getting Introduced to Google Colab Environment & importing necessary libraries

  • Task 2: Importing, Cloning & Exploring Dataset

  • Task :3 Data visualization (Image Visualization)

  • Task 4: Data augmentation & Normalization

  • Task 5: Building Convolutional neural network model

  • Task 6: Compiling & Training CNN Model

  • Task 7: Performance evaluation & Testing the model & saving the model for future use

So, grab a coffee, turn on your laptop, click on the Enroll Now button, and start learning right now.

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