Free Udemy Coupon COMSOL Multiphysics: complete guide to 2D geometry modeling

COMSOL Multiphysics: complete guide to 2D geometry modeling

- Nowadays, COMSOL Multi-physics plays a substantial role in facilitating a wide range of research and industrial projects and even for college students in various fields.

- Learning COMSOL in an advanced level will definitely provide you with outstanding opportunities in your professional life as an engineer or even as a physics or mathematics student.

- In order to master COMSOL, the first step is to learn Geometry modeling, which has become an inseparable part of engineering problems.

- Have you ever missed an important opportunity due to lack of modeling skills?

- Have you ever wasted considerable time and money because you have been dependent on other people for geometry modeling?

- Are you familiar with geometry modeling using another software but you have problems for directly modeling in COMSOL?

- Have you ever suffered from the serious lack of efficient resources to learn geometry modeling in COMSOL?

- Do you think it takes you too much time and money to learn 2D modeling?

* If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you are only 3.5 hours away to reach the solution!

Top features of this comprehensive course:

- Looking into every detail you need for 2D modeling using COMSOL

- Presented for the first time on Udemy

- You cannot find such a detailed course on this topic anywhere

- Several targeted examples and assignments to lead you step by step

- Q&A with the instructor

- Fast and comprehensive (Less than 3.5 hours for watching videos and doing assignments)

who will be my instructor? (Iman Fattahi)

- A researcher and engineer with 9+ years of experience

- Author of 8 papers published in prestigious ISI journals so far

- Lecturer, tutor and consultant for over 7 years in several institutions and colleges

- Experienced in simulating an abundance of engineering problems with professional software like COMSOL Multi-physics, ABAQUS, MATLAB, ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS, Hypermesh, CATIA, PRO E and ADAMS in all those years

- Senior designer, consultant and researcher in numerous industries for 5+ years

What will I obtain after passing this course?

- Become professional in 2D geometry modeling once forever

- Develop your essential skills and shine in your career

- Find better opportunities by gaining this skill

- Save money and time by modeling 2D geometries on your own

So enroll now and enjoy this unique course!

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