Free Udemy Coupon Chinese Fable Stories Vol 2-HSK 4-HSK 6 Intermediate Reading

Chinese Fable Stories Vol 2-HSK 4-HSK 6 Intermediate Reading

Fables is the soul of a nation. Unfortunately, Traditional Chinese culture was destroyed in Chinese Culture revolution. There are few millions Chinese migrated to Taiwan in the past 600 hundred years and 4 million retreated to ROC Taiwan in 1949 after civil war, my uncle is one of them. The traditional Chinese culture and value are preserved well in Taiwan. That's the reason why most of the Fables are from Taiwan.

寓言是一个民族的灵魂。 不幸的是,中国传统文化在中国文化大革命中被摧毁。 在过去的六百年中,有几百万中国人移民到台湾,在内战之后的1949年,有四百万中国人退守到中华民国台湾,我的叔叔就是其中之一。 台湾保留着中华传统文化和价值。 这就是为什么大多数寓言来自台湾的原因。

Fables reflect traditional culture, virtue and value. I found most of the teaching are the same as my hometown old folk’s story I heard from grandma and neighbors. This course is good for intermediate level students to explore Chinese culture, enrich your knowledge about China and Chinese, and expand your vocabulary through my elaboration using my unique Vocabulary Builder and Sentence Builder.

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