Free Udemy Coupon Building Foundations on Microeconomics to Expand Your Career

Building Foundations on Microeconomics to Expand Your Career

Let's master the following Microeconomics topics together:

  • Basic Pricing Strategies: Cost-Plus, Competitive based, Value based;

  • Market Structure: Oligopoly, Monopoly, Perfect competition, Monopolistic Competition;

  • Economic Systems: Traditional, Market, Planned, Hybrid;

  • Supply & Demand: Law of Supply and Demand, Market Equilibrium;

  • Microeconomics History in Personalities.

In order to achieve goals in modern post-pandemic world we should be brave, curious and have a good grasp on microeconomics questions.

You can achieve more in your life if you will explain economic situations in a confident way.

Obviously you should start from the basics in order to build your strong knowledge in microeconomics topics.

This course will help you on your way.

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