Free Udemy Coupon Blender 2.79 Illustration . Easy Modeling for Beginners

Blender 2.79 Illustration . Easy Modeling for Beginners

IMPORTANT: This course was made for an earlier version of Blender (2.79), so some commands are different from the current version (2.8). Having said that, you will still learn plenty, as most modeling techniques taught in this course are still relevant and useful.

You don't have to be a 3d modeling guru to make visually engaging Illustration!

I will show you how to create an appealing concept using ONLY simple shapes and super basic modeling.

Most people want you to believe that you need to be a super skilled modeler to create something beautiful... but truth is, you only need to be creative and experiment a lot!

As some say, it is not important to have a box with lots of crayons, but instead know how to make cool stuff with a few of them!

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