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Beginners guide of Team Building

Team Building: Theory and Practice introduce students to a team performance model and expose students to research regarding the structural and interpersonal factors that can affect team performance. Within this course, students learn how to manage interventions that can strengthen team performance. They discover how to identify team performance issues, and link those issues to underlying dysfunctional team dynamics. Students also learn how to manage team interventions through the application of a five-step model that includes consultation, contracting, education, assessment, climate setting, and intervention. Students are also introduced to a variety of skills for helping to expedite team problem solving, and for addressing performance challenges within and across work teams.


  • An effective process to drive organisational purpose' to handle gains and pains while managing GROUPS. How Groupe is different from TEAM and what are the building foundation to consider for its performance and cohesiveness plus how to inhabit and enhance the team.

  • What CEO Identifies as key leadership traits, Process of Leadership and Ethics, Internal and External team leadership models, S.C.O.R.E. Factor, Leadership Standing Principals and BE-KNOW-DO and how the leader is different from non-leader. Myths and Leadership Casestudy.

  • How to pull out people from dysfunctional communication with transactional analysis and Understanding what people do well or poorly and how they communicate it and then identify how to observe talented people than identifying common structure about it and creating a supportive model and get other people to do it.

  • Role of Communication, Defining conflict and its countereffect, role of negotiation and dealing with conflict as a manager and managerial issues.  Interpersonal Communication, Effective and Efficient Communication and Communication Channels, Substensive, Constructive, Destructive, emotional conflicts and culture, Various views faced by managers on conflicts situations and resolution styles and how to arrive win-win outcomes.

  • Emotional account management. When and when not to be supportive Vs. directive.  How to turn the poor performance into good performance? When to Reprimand and Redirect? Phases to communicate bad news or lead an exit. How to reward good performance. Different shapes and forms people are motivated by. 

  • Team performance priorities and case study and recommendations and Team Assessment Dys/functional conflicts and charactasticst for High-performance.

  • When a team member give up? Where to focus while intervening? Behaviour assessment tools. Effective model to gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others and improve how they communicate to learn and work. A powerful framework for building a relationship, driving positive change, harnessing innovation and achieving excellence.  A profound and powerful guide to understanding our personality and inner workings.

  • How to Narrate Professionally.

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