Free Udemy Coupon Basic Neuroanatomy for the Non-Neurologists

Basic Neuroanatomy for the Non-Neurologists

People who take this course will understand the basic neuroanatomy of the brain. They will learn the different parts of the brain along with their particular function. Case studies will also delve into dysfunctional states in the brain and their corresponding diseases.

All are welcome to take this course. It is fun and fast moving. After taking it, you will having a basic understanding of the brain and have fun learning about it.

What you will learn:

  1. Brain anatomy

  2. How the brain functions

  3. Difference between the central and peripheral nervous system

  4. Dysfunctional states of the brain

How this knowledge is useful:

  1. Increase clinical skills as a health professional

  2. Board exams for medical students, residents, and psychiatrists

  3. Great learning tool for EMS, nurses, and therapists

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