Free Udemy Coupon Anybody Can Paint - Shortest Painting Course for Beginners

Anybody Can Paint - Shortest Painting Course for Beginners

This course is a fast and short introductory course for beginners in Acrylic Painting. We believe that anybody can paint. Having helped more than ten thousand people over the last 5 years in completing their maiden masterpiece, I believe I understand what exactly one needs to get started with the art of painting. Even if you have never held a brush in your hand, you can create stunning paintings in a matter of minutes. In this course I demonstrate exactly that!

You will learn about:

- the material needed to get started with painting

- how to set up painting workspace at home

- what are acrylic paints and how to mix colors

- learn how to complete a beautiful landscape painting through step-by-step detailed demonstration

- some tips on framing your artwork

This course has just the right set of information, tips and demonstration for you to get started with acrylic painting. Even if you dabble with paints once in a while, this course would be valuable to you with the information provided above and the experience shared by an experienced art facilitator.

Hope you like this experience.

Happy Painting!

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