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Ansible for Beginners

As a network/system engineer, future will be different. Not just login devices with SSH tools. We must automate the network with scripts.

Ansible is simple, easy to learn and very powerful tool to automate networks. With Ansible you can do very fast operations and collecting logs.

In this course, you will start from beginning. Than as below playbooks (aka scripts), you will learn how to collect logs from device and configure devices. All playbooks are work related and prepare for REAL LIFE networking.

For example you can collect 10 devices CPU levels in couple of minutes. But what about 100, 1K+ devices. It's almost imposible to do it one-by-one. Ansible shows its power here. With a very basics script, you can collect hunderds of devices logs, or configure them.

12 of Real-life NETWORKING Scripts:

1- Connect and Collect Log from a Device

2- Collect Multiple Logs from Devices

3- Save Logs to Files

4- Configure Devices

5- Create For Loop

6- Create Categorized Hosts

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