Free Udemy Coupon Advanced Watercolor Cityscapes: Paint Your Own Urban Scenes

Advanced Watercolor Cityscapes: Paint Your Own Urban Scenes

Learn Essential Skills On How To Master The Art Of Watercolor Street Scene Paintings

In this class you will learn a smart way to approach complex landscape and cityscape subjects.

When you are finished with these lessons you will realize that the finished painting is a result of the preparation you put into it before the paint hits the paper.

It's all about simplifying the process so you can let the medium do the work for you!

What you will learn

How to plan your art correctly using proper design techniques. Saves you time and money.

What are the three main areas/spaces and what they mean for the design.

Where to place details and where to leave them out.

Practical design concepts to simplify complex scenes.

How to utilize the middle ground and foreground areas.

Who is this class for?

Intermediate and advanced watercolor artists that want to explore more complex painting subjects & techniques.

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