Free Udemy Coupon ADV-101 An Introduction to Adventure Motorcycle Riding

ADV-101 An Introduction to Adventure Motorcycle Riding

This is an introductory course aimed at anyone interested in Adventure Motorcycling, from someone who has never ridden a motorcycle, through to those who own one and want to get more out of it in terms of skills and knowledge, through to those people who are relatively advanced. We are never too old to learn new things! The introductory course will explore the Rules of Adventure Motorcycle riding, It will cover off the lecturers background experience so you can see the knowledge is coming from enough experience. The course will help you understand what your own personal goals are for doing Adventure Motorcycle riding, as there are many different reasons people like doing it. Based on that information you will then understand the best Motorcycle Configuration for your own needs, comfort and enjoyment. Adventure Motorcycle riding is an awesome experience and takes you to places and adventures you'd never normally have. Join the fun, get involved and lets explore Adventure Motorcycling together. If you like this free course, there will be more to come, where we will dive into great detail on all aspects of Adventure Motorcycling.

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