WPF & XAML: Build 10 WPF applications (C#) in 2020

Do you want to start with WPF and XAML programming?

Then this course is designed for you. In this course, you will create 10 applications using WPF,XAML and C# programming language. You will also learn the important concepts of programming. After finishing the course you should be able to create simple applications and have a strong foundation in programming. I try to explain how all the important concepts work and how you can use them in your C# code.

I know you don't have time for long and boring lectures. That is why I try to be as engaging as possible. I also go directly to the point.

Practice oppurtunities:

Through out the course are 4 tests on which you can practice your knowledge. Also during the "CODE" videos I am tring to keep you engaged by asking questions like "What will be the result of this?".

What will I learn?

Firstly, you will learn programming fundamentals. Because without the foundation you cannot move on and create applications.

  1. what is program

  2. What is programming

  3. variables

  4. data types

  5. if and switch statements

  6. arrays

  7. loops (for, while, do-while)

  8. functions

that is why the knowledge of programming fundamentals is optional.

Then you will use the gained knowledge and build 10  WPF applications:

  1. Simple Calculator

  2. Guess Number Game

  3. TODO list

  4. Advanced Calculator

  5. Text Editor

  6. Calendar

  7. Canvas

  8. Graph Designer

  9. Clicking game

  10. Tick tack toe game

Who should take this course?

  1. Anyone who wants to learn programming fundamentals in C#

  2. Anyone who wants to create WPF & XAML applications

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